2014 Women in Jazz Festival

Some gallery pictures from the 2104 Women in Jazz Festival in the nation’s Capitol.

2014 Women in Jazz Festival Picture Gallery Many women are active professionals in the Washington, DC jazz scene, but few are represented as performers on regional jazz festivals. Created by Amy K Bormet in 2011, the Washington Women in Jazz Festival creates equitable performance opportunities for women while uplifting the image of the jazz community and drawing in dynamic new audiences.

Inspired by the rich jazz traditions found in the district, and in recognition of the few opportunities for women to perform and excel in the region, Amy K. Bormet had an idea in 2011; to form a jazz festival where women could come together to collaborate, perform and to support one another. Four years later, the ‘idea’ has flourished. The 4th Annual Washington Women Jazz Festival presented some of the great female jazz talent on the East Coast at venues across DC in March, 2014.